We are excited to announce that Gerald Kaleikini will be joining Kurt Jensen to coach the Fall Blue Angels 12U team.

As a father of two athletes, Gerald took to learning the sport of softball over 15 years ago. Gerald has coached and taught every aspect of the game including fielding, hitting and pitching. Both of his daughters have been extremely successful and Gerald has had the privilege of training and coaching both of them. Gerald’s coaching experience spans nearly every age level.

While attending Redwood High School, his oldest daughter was the recipient of  back-to-back MCAL Pitcher of the Year awards. She went on to play and pitch collegiately. Gerald’s youngest daughter recently graduated from Redwood where she made First Team MCAL this last season. She will also play on a college level next year.

“My coaching theory at this level is very simple. I am always trying to coach the player to the next competitive travel age. I am trying to instill the fundamentals and values the player will require at the next stage in order to be best equipped to succeed”.

“Through my coaching experiences, I’ve realized that each player is different and cannot be coached and motivated the same way. Each player possesses unique abilities and skills. It is my job to find the right approach in order to bring those special qualities out of them”.

“In short, it’s not how good you are, it’s how good you want to be. You are never the best, because you can always be better”.

Gerald works for UPS and is also a qualified CO-CHAIR/MENTOR at his UPS facility in which he is classified as an “industrial athlete”.

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