Our Mission

Marin Blue Angels Softball

Blue Angels Softball, based in Marin County, California (San Francisco Bay Area) has fielded Class-A fastpitch teams for young players since 1985.

Marin Blue Angels Mission Statement

Dedication:  Marin Blue Angels is dedicated to providing young players with the opportunity to excel at competitive Class-A fastpitch softball.

Objective:  Our objective is to help our members succeed as softball players in high school and in college.

Goal 1:  Our goal is to give our players the opportunity to grow athletically, socially and emotionally, using fastpitch softball as the vehicle.

Goal 2:  Our goal is to teach character, leadership, personal responsibility and personal accountability.

Goal 3:  Our goal is to offer a consistent teaching environment, in both practices and in competition, that affords players the opportunity to improve continuously as they progress through the age groups.

Goal 4:  Our goal is to support our players in exceeding their personal expectations and in developing self-confidence through accomplishment.

Goal 5:  Our goal is to emphasize the value of hard work, self-discipline, loyalty, teamwork and sportsmanship, as well as having fun while participating in Blue Angels.


Board of Directors

Kurt Jensen



Marla Murphy

Vice President

Steve Lightfoot


Seat Open

At Large